Sunday, March 11, 2012

Julep Emma and Kelly

 Following up on the unboxing of my March Maven Box from Julep, I figured I should get some swatches up!

First up is Kelly. She's described as a blushed white creme, and one of the newest neutrals for Spring. Kelly has a peachy tone, which I found really pretty. The finish is like glass. Just pure shine. I really like this color. I'm not sure I've worn peach since 1990, but this one makes me want to.
 The March box also included Emma, a pretty seashell pink shimmer. It's a very delicate color, and would take an eternity to get completely opaque, I would imagine. I layered Emma over Kelly as something of an ombre to start.
 This combination was really pretty. So soft. If I were taking a vacation to the coast, I feel like this would be an excellent neutral to wear.
 I also layered Emma over OPI Thanks A Windmillion, which really brought out the pink shimmer. This was after about 3 days of Thanks a Windmillion, so kudos to OPI on the lack of chips, but please excuse the tip wear.
I'm really happy with the color selection this month. I almost requested a shelf pull to get a new flakie glitter, but I think I would have missed out.

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