Monday, January 30, 2012

Kim-Pletely in Love with Fabulous is My Middle Name!


For those of you who read my tweets (@MWGirlieGirl), you probably saw I picked up some of the Kardashian Kolors on my shopping trip the other day. Continuing my recent pink kick, the first one I tried was Kim-Pletely in Love. I'm almost sad I mucked this one up with some glitter, but the end result was pretty.
The shimmer on Kim is barely there, but so pretty. It's nearly impossible to photograph, at least with my camera. This pic shows off the shimmer, even if the color isn't super accurate. Even in person, it's subtle, so I thought I'd liven it up a little. Also, I couldn't wait to wear all the new polishes. If I could have found a tasteful way to wear them all, you be I would have.
For the glitter, I used Fabulous is My Middle Name, also from Nicole by OPI, but not a Kardashian Kolor. This one is WAY fun, and I foresee this being a party time staple. This picture actually shows the little bar glitters pretty well. There are bits of hot pink, red, blue and gold in a clear base with a microglitter that appears to be kind of a champagne color. I just dabbed a little near (and on) the cuticles and blended down the nail. I added a pink rhinestone on the middle finger. I think it's off-center. Maybe that's just me.
I took some bottle shots to get a better sense of the colors. The second one of Kim-Pletely in Love is horrible, but the only way I could find the glitter without it being all blurry and rotten looking.

Both of these colors are so pretty, I couldn't stop taking pictures. Kim-Pletely in Love would make an awesome french manicure pink, if you're into that sort of thing. I'm not normally into french manis, but I did actually like the VNL on this one. It took 3 coats on most fingers, 4 on my middle nail to cover some yellowness (Thank you, Dree...).

I was really happy with the formula on both of these. The brushes were both great, though I do like that the Kardashian Kolors have a bit wider, thicker brush. It's not quite the controversial Perfect Stroke Brush, but it's nice. I think Fabulous is My Middle Name would easily build up for a crazy glitterbomb mani, but also is great for layering.


  1. Thanks! I was really impressed by the wear. I just removed it last night after about a week. One nail had the beginnings of a chip...and I have way too many untrieds to wear anything more than a week. :)

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