Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara

 Today I'm taking another break from nail polish. I bought yet another tube of my favorite (completely underrated) mascara, and I felt like more people needed to know about this gem.
 There are a lot of things I love about this stuff. The brush is a bit like having two brushes in one. There are two sets of short, thick "bristles," and two sets of longer, thinner "bristles."
 It's a little tricky to photograph, but the two types of bristles give this brush a lot of versatility. The shorter, thicker bristles put a nice, thick coat of product on your lashes, giving you thick, dark lashes. The longer, thinner bristles offer a more natural look. I personally use the thinner ones for my day-to-day. For nights out, I'll start with a thicker coat, then comb over the lashes with the thinner ones to get out the clumps. The fact that the whole brush isn't very big around makes it pretty easy to maneuver. If you prefer a curved brush, all you have to do is jab it in the tube haphazardly (as I do, inevitably, every time), and it gives a nice curve.
 The other thing I like is that the brush is kind of rubbery, so it's pretty easy to use a brush shampoo and sterilize periodically without damaging it. Not everyone may be concerned about that, but I have contact lenses and allergies (and a nasty habit of getting things in my eye), so I'm pretty susceptible to pink eye if I'm not careful.
 I've used mascara from higher end brands like Stila, Lorac and Smashbox all the way to drugstore brands like Cover Girl, Maybelline and Revlon, and this is my go-to. The formula doesn't seem to flake off my lashes and into my eyes, I don't get nasty clumps, and it doesn't smudge unless I actually get water on my face or cry. Humidity doesn't seem to have much impact. Removal is still pretty easy, too. No makeup remover required, just normal face wash or cleansing wipes.

Another great feature? This stuff is like $6 at Target. Compared to brands that run $15-$20 (or more), I'll take this any day.


  1. I'm going to have to check this out! I love that brush!! I'm using a Rimmel mascara now (a big orange tube) but I'm not sure I love it:(

  2. I think my favorite thing is that it doesn't seem to flake. Even some of my expensive ones flake, and between contacts and staring at a computer all day for work, getting gunk in my eyes can be pretty unpleasant.