Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, The Addiction...

This is what happens when there are promotions and free gifts with purchase:

My loot includes: 2 oz. Remove+, 8oz Remove+, Qtica Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub, Zoya Hot Lips glosses in Boudoir and Marachino, Smoke collection (Anja, Dree, Jana, Petra, Cynthia and Codie), Pandora (Touch collection), Lolly (Mod Mattes) and the Smoke & Mirrors spoons.

It's like Christmas up in here.

You can all expect to see these posted with quality pictures soon. You know I've already removed my current polish and started playing. Currently, I have a nail painted (sloppily) in each color, and I'm going to have to remove it to figure out how to apply Lolly without making her look streaky. The glosses are great, and I'll keep you posted on the scrub.

Now that I can actually see the Smoke collection in person, I love every color. Not one looks bad on my skin and the best word to describe these is 'sophisticated.' Not one of these polishes makes you think girlie, goth, wild or crazy. They're trendy, but in a chic way.

All in all, I love this collection, and I fully intend to get my hands on the Mirrors half, especially now that I've seen the color spoons. Check back over the next few days for more!

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