Monday, July 25, 2011

Marley & My Nails

Today is the first day in a few days I've been able to get a decent shot of my current manicure. It's been cloudy, and indoor lighting wasn't doing the color justice. Please ignore the sloppy application and the tiny chip. I was in a hurry when I was applying and it's been 3 days of assembling a cabinet and washing dishes.

Two things I love about Zoya's Marley:

1. It's the perfect lavender for an adult. It's pale and pretty without making you look twelve. There's a slight air of sophistication in this creme polish with the tiniest hint of silver shimmer.

2. How many polishes can you wear while assembling furniture, cooking, washing dishes by hand, scrubbing the bathroom and showering without the whole thing chipping and peeling off?

Marley is from the Intimate collection, as was Caitlin from my earlier post. A lovely collection. The colors are all fun and trendy, but in an understated way. You could wear any of them (including the green) to an interview and be perfectly appropriate.

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