Friday, July 22, 2011

Accessorizing the Tech Geek

I have recently taken my nerdiness to new heights.

I've always purchased my electronics in black or silver to avoid clashing with my outfit. You THINK I'm joking. My recent fascination is cases for my phones. Yeah. I have 3. One is a work phone. Just go with it.

The search for fun cases made me realize I'm not alone. There are so many ways to customize your electronics. There are pouches and bags for your phones and cameras in nearly every color. In addition, you can get a case for your phone in almost any imaginable style and they're costing less and less, so you can get several to use interchangeably.

Here are a few of the cases I've picked up over the last several months:

HTC Thunderbolt with Carbon Fiber Case
Thunderbolt Case - Silver with Black Pattern
Thunderbolt Case - Black with Silver Flowers
 The best part? None of these cases was more than $3 on My other two phones don't have quite the case selection (The Droid X is kind of an odd shape on the back and the HTC Trophy is still pretty new). Doesn't mean you can't customize, though. The Trophy actually lets you change the color of the menu options, so you can still color-coordinate. 
Fun, right?

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