Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grapefruit Surprise!

As you may have seen in a previous post (Oh, The Addiction...), I got a Qtica 7oz. Grapefruit Surprise Sugar Scrub free with my last order from Zoya. I've never used anything from Qtica until now, and I'm definitely not disappointed with my first experience.

"The perfect exfoliating product that will never leave residue, clog drains or whirlpool jets. No mixing necessary, dissolves completely. Never dries or irritates skin. Perfect for manicures, pedicures or exfoliating in the shower. Also ideal for arms and legs after shaving or waxing. Creates a perfect additional salon service."

I have to say, this may be one of the first products to live up to every claim on the label for me.

Residue: The scrub rinsed off my skin easily, with no oil or soapy feeling leftover. I didn't find chunks of sugar all over the tub, either, which is nice. There's also a slight warming feeling while you're rubbing it into your skin. Not helpful in July, but my holiday pedicures will be a little nicer, now.
Yes, this is a standard size laundry basket. Rando is that big.
It took 2 adults and a muzzle to hold him while the vet
trimmed his claws.

Drying/Irritating: My skin is a bit on the dry side, so I have to moisturize regardless of how great a product is. That said, this one didn't make me feel dry and itchy as I was drying off. I also have a few fresh cat scratches/bites from Rando's trip to the vet this afternoon, and I felt no burning or irritation, even after shaving.
I would have chosen another scent, since I tend to favor cherry/pomegranate/berry scents, but the grapefruit wasn't overpowering. My skin certainly feels smother than before I scrubbed, and I do exfoliate on a regular basis. I like the large chunks of sugar for my hands and feet, though smaller chunks may be better for more sensitive areas.

Overall, I'm happy with the scrub, and the free gift has served its purpose. I now want to try other scents. I just have to resist the urge to buy until this one is gone...

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