Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kickin' It Old School

So, as I was taking off my polish and deciding what to wear next when I came across an oldie but a goody. Ladies (and gentlemen), I give you Midnight Forest.
Midnight Forest
This beauty comes from Cover Girl and was anther Ebay find. I actually had a bottle...from junior high. I hadn't been able to give it up, and Zoya's Renew can only revive a 15 year old polish for so long. Now, I have an extra bottle. This makes me happy.
Indoors, Natural Light, No Flash

To get into the nitty gritty, the formula is not the greatest. The brush is awful, but if applied carefully, you can get a streak-free finish. It's really hard to capture this one with a camera because of all the different colors. The predominant color is obviously a pretty forest green. Indoor light can cause it to look like a deep plum. If you click on the picture below you can see the multicolor shimmer. Gorgeous. I'll give Cover Girl 15 years ago a pass on the formula because the color is fab.
See how pretty? I also have Mystic Peacock and Starry Blue from Cover Girl circa 1995-ish. I may be breaking these out again.

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