Thursday, August 11, 2011

Color Comparison: China Glaze Westside Warrior vs. Zoya Dree

Westside Warrior & Dree

Green seems to be a common theme in the fall collections this year, and in my comparing bottles, I noticed a bit of a similarity between these two lovelies.

Westside Warrior and Dree are both olive green cremes, and have a bit of a smoky look to them. Zoya's formula is a little thinner and the finish is slightly glossier, but both polishes will cover in two coats. China Glaze did bring a thicker formula, but nothing that's difficult to work with.

With my coloring, neither of these colors is the best in the collection for me, though both are perfectly wearable. Dree is a bit lighter and the color is a little more of a gray base, while Westside Warrior has a little more yellow in it.
Dree, Westsude Warrior, Dree, Westside Warrior
Dree, Westsude Warrior, Dree, Westside Warrior
 All in all, two fabulous greens to add to your collection. Unless you're specifically matching multiple ensembles, you don't really NEED both, but I always vote yes to more polish, especially if you love green. As far as pricing is concerned, Westside Warrior can be found online for $3-$7, and possibly in beauty stores (if you live in an area with good beauty shops), while Dree will cost you $8 on and some select spas.


  1. Boy, I wish I had seen your post earlier. I looked at swatches online and ordered the China Glaze cuz I thought it looked less yellow than the Zoya. Already got my other Zoya polishes today. China Glaze coming next week. Oh well, they are both nice and the CG is cheaper!

  2. If you like that color family, you should try Zoya's Gemma. It's got a purple/bluish shimmer, so it works well with cooler skin tones. Also, it's really shiny. Really.