Friday, August 5, 2011

Pandora: Zoya Touch Collection

Zoya's Pandora
I've always liked the look of nude polish. There's a classic sort of elegance to the look, and obviously, it never really clashes with your ensemble. On top of that, it's much less noticeable when it chips compared to a bright red or dark purple.

Problem is, I always had a hard time finding a color that looked good on my skin. Most nude colors come off as either pink or too beige on me. Nice, but not quite the look I wanted.

Zoya has found a way to make a nude that looks nude on my pinkish skin, and I adore it. Pandora is from Zoya's Touch Collection. The Touch line is made up of three nude shades with slight differences to work with any skin tone. The polishes are a creamy polish with a slight shimmer. Minka and Shay are the other two shades. I liked that Pandora appeared to be a little pinker than the others. If I decide to order the other two, I'll post, but I had a hard time talking myself into three polishes so similar.

Applying Pandora was a breeze. The photo above shows two coats with a cop coat. The finish is fantastic and glossy, and the shimmer helps avoid the mannequin hand effect. If you struggle to find a nude shade you like, I highly recommend checking out the Touch collection.

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