Monday, August 1, 2011

Up in Smoke: Zoya Smoke Collection

Left to Right: Codie, Dree, Cynthia, Petra, Anja, Jana
As you saw previously, I just got my hands on Zoya's Smoke collection, and it is PRETTY. I am loving the muted colors for fall, instead of the true earth tones we've seen some years. I can actually wear every shade, including the green.

The formula is basically the same on all the polishes: creme finish, two coats, dries quickly, great shine. Standard Zoya, but worth mentioning if you've never heard it before.

Before I show you the individual photos, please ignore any brush strokes or streaks or messy cuticles. I spent a good portion of a day photographing polishes, and since these are mostly on the dark side, I saved them for last. I was getting a little sloppy. Now, without further adieu...


A really beautiful collection, and I promise I'll add pictures as I wear them for real and apply things properly. These pictures are all two coats and a top coat. Now, I just have to get my Mirrors collection ordered. Hurry up, payday.

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