Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Uptown Girl: China Glaze Metro Collection Part 1

From Left to Right: CG in the City, Urban Night, Traffic Jam,
City Siren, Brownstone, Street Chic
As any of you Twitterers may have seen, I got the China Glaze Metro collection the other day(!!). This is a fall collection unlike the other fall collections we're seeing this year. Bright, vibrant colors that transition perfectly from hot, summery pink & purples to warm-toned green and brown...and they even added some glitter for the evening looks. If you didn't own a single bottle of polish, this would be a great starter kit. I was pleasantly surprised with this whole collection.

Today, we're starting with the Uptown portion of the Metro collection. If there was anything in this collection to be disappointed in, it would be the lack of originality. None of the colors are what I would consider new and fresh. That said, I am from the school of thinking that believes no one can have too much pink, so...I feel like these are necessary.
CG in the City
The moment I heard the name, I thought of the Sex and the City logo from the first movie. It's pretty safe to assume this one was designed with layering in mind, but I actually kind of like it on its own. The picture shows three coats and a top coat. It was really hard to capture the sparkle, but there are flecks of black, silver and a pale pink in a light gray, almost clear base.
Urban Night
Urban Night is a great purple/plum color that I think lends well to transitioning from summer to fall. Where I come from, it's not uncommon to run the heater in the morning, AC in the afternoon, and the heater again at night. This one could easily be paired with a dress or sweater.
Traffic Jam
My camera refuses to capture red and berry shades properly. This is as close as I got. Traffic Jam is an awesome hot pink/berry color. I'm not super thrilled about it, mostly because it's almost exactly like Designer Satin, which I already own. I'll do a comparison soon, so you can see what I mean.
City siren
The lighting in this one came out weird, but it actually came close to capturing the color, so I'm going with it. Another color that's awesome, but not incredibly original. I don't have another red exactly like this, but if your collection is larger than mine, you probably do. Great formula, though, and very shiny.
Brownstone is a burnt orange/brick/terra cotta color with a creme finish. Not a color I'd pick for my skin tone, but on the right person it has the potential to look fab. I can actually see this looking great on the right red head. That's right, gingers, we've got a color for you.
Street Chic
I had my doubts about this one when I looked at the promo pictures. Not that I thought the color looked bad, more that it may look bad on me. Turns out, this one is surprisingly neutral. I think I have a taupe shade from Orly that may be a close match. I'll have to do a comparison.
CG in the City layered over Urban Nights
If you consider just the Uptown half of the Metro collection, it comes off a little drab. Throw in a coral and a baby pink, and you have a basic starter nail polish kit. I decided to experiment a bit while I had Urban Nights on, though, and I found if you want to add a little spice to these cremes, add a layer of CG in the City and a couple coats of a glossy top coat, and you have yourself a bit of sparkle.

Overall, I was slightly underwhelmed with the colors in this half of the collection, but I love it, nonetheless.

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