Friday, September 2, 2011

The Body Shop Tea Tree 4-Piece Facial Skin Care Regime - Week 2 Update

So, I realized something today. I went to work without foundation the last 2 days. Mind you, I overslept (damn early shift), so I was a little short on primping time, but I skipped my usual tinted moisturizer instead of eye shadow and lip gloss.

I'm not saying this experiment with the Tea Tree Skin Care set has given me flawless skin in 2 weeks or less, but there is a noticeable improvement. I'm not super shiny, and aside from a handful of blemishes, my skin is a lot smoother and the tone is more even. A little concealer, highlight powder and bronzer and I can be out the door. Without being self conscious.

I will continue to post more updates, and perhaps at some point, you'll get a self-portrait *gasp* WITHOUT MAKEUP. We'll see.

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