Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gameday Nails - Week 3

Hey, kids!

Thus far, my Huskers have been victorious, despite a few blunders. This week, I had every intention of some awesome football-inspired nails, but then I started to play with my red and black polishes...and my mani ended up being more girlie than planned. It still works into the color scheme, so I'm keeping this one, and I think we'll pay homage to the hot girls of NU.
The Cheerleaders of NU

Nebraska's Scarlets
Aren't these ladies lovely? Okay, okay. I'll get to the nails.
Natural Light
This week's nails feature Red Velvet from Color Club as the base coat. Red Velvet is almost nail art on it's own. It's a sheer black base with red glitter. After about three coats, you end up with a gorgeous black that glows when the light finds it. I almost couldn't bear to stamp over it, but then I found a criss-cross pattern in my stamping plates, and used OPI's An Affair in Red Square to create what I think looks like fishnet stockings over this beauty. I was worried it would interfere with the red glitter in Red Velvet, but they seem to work really well together.

With Flash
Closeup of the Smaller Fishnet Pattern
 Sadly, 3 camera phones and my Nikon failed to capture how pretty this is. This is a perfect combo. It twinkles from a distance and glows up close. For your viewing pleasure, here are some shots of the Red Velvet by herself.

I feel like I need to put on a red dress and go out after the game...

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