Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Heart Sundresses

I don't understand how people can not love dresses.

I hear "they're uncomfortable" a lot. Yeah, fancy ballgowns and some dresses can have detailing or straps in inconvenient places. Good dresses, though, are like big t-shirts. Comfy and soft.

Once the weather is consistently above 80 degrees, I generally refuse to wear pants, so you can probably imagine how many dresses I own. My latest obsession is the incredibly comfy sundress, particularly the cute ones from Target you can pick up on the cheap. Here are my two best finds so far:
Mossimo Kimono Sleeve Dress (Black)

Mossimo Kimono Sleeve Dress (Quartz Gray)
This dress is like wearing an extra large t-shirt...but cute AND versatile. Throw on ballet flats and some great shades and you're ready for the mall, groceries, coffee or whatever. The kimono dress is so great, I bought it twice, and I could be persuaded to enjoy a third. Best part? $18 each. I've spent more on worse things.
Steve Madden Heaven Flats in Black Patent

Simply Vera Vera Wang Square Sunglasses in Red
My favorite accessories at the moment. Mr. Madden wasn't kidding when he named those shoes "Heaven." They're as comfortable as the dress and they go with everything.

When the evening rolls around and you need to grab a drink with a friend, simply add heels and something shiny.
Christian Louboutin High Heel BlackWood

Cha-Cha Japan Black Bead Expandable Bracelet Vintage (courtesy of
I do not own either of these pieces, but I'm hoping if I endorse his shoes, Mr. Louboutin will send me samples to try. I'm and 8 1/2. Just sayin'.

Dress numero dos has been harder to find pictures of, but is every bit as enjoyable as my kimono dress.
Xhilaration Juniors Ruffle Tank Dress in Fuchsia Print

Xhilaration Juniors Ruffle Tank Dress in Black

The fabric could be called lightweight or flimsy, depending on your world view. Either way, it's $20 and way cute. I, of course, bought the fuchsia and black.

Bottom line: There is great summer fun to be had in either one of these lovely dresses, and I'm looking to see what other gems Target has in store for me.

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