Friday, July 29, 2011

Black Friday!

Okay, not the Black Friday we're used to hearing about, but I've been doing some serious shopping lately, so it felt kind of appropriate.

I did a comparison of some of my white and almost-white polishes awhile back, so I felt it only fair to show of some of the black beauties in my collection.

I used to think black nails = goth. Not so much, anymore. As long as your nails are well manicured, you look classy and sophisticated. Still not sure I'd wear it for a job interview, but people don't assume you worship Satan anymore.

I've been avoiding black clothes with this heat, so I have to get my fix somehow.

First up: Liquid Leather from China Glaze
Liquid Leather appears to be a simple black creme, but man, it's shiny. If you were to look in my closet, you could see I have zero willpower when it comes to anything shiny and black, and patent leather is my favorite. This one lives up to the name, and application is great. Two coats and one Coat of Beauty Secrets top coat.

Second: Black Diamond from China Glaze
Standard great application from China Glaze. This was my first black, and it's a bit more gunmetal than true black. There's a subtle shimmer, but definitely not frosty. If a true black is too harsh for you, this is a great way to get an edgy look.

Third: Revvvolution from Color Club
Revvvolution without Top Coat

Revvvolution with Top Coat
I'm not normally a holo kind of girl, but this one is subtle enough from a distance, but you get a great sparkle up close. I feel naked without a top coat, but I almost like this one better without. The glitter shows up better this way, but in low light, it may come off a little dull. The pictures are large so you can zoom in and see the shine.

Last: Nicole's Nickels by Nicole by OPI
Nicole's Nickels inside, natural light.

Nicole's Nickels inside, artificial light.

Nicole's Nickels outside, direct sunlight.
I just picked this one up at Target the other day, and WOW. I hate glitter. It's a pain to remove, it never seems to actually come off your nails, you have to apply 8 layers of top coat to make it smooth...Whatever. Don't care. This one was way too awesome to pass up. I love the silver/gunmetal/black glitter. It's a gray/silver base, and gives surprisingly good coverage. I cheated and applied it over Black Diamond while swatching, but you seriously can't see the color under the glitter. This one is easily covered in 2-3 coats, and the brush is fab. 1-2 layers of top coat gave me a nice glossy finish and didn't dampen the glitter a bit.

That is all the black I have for now. Thank you for indulging me. Happy Black Friday!

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