Friday, July 8, 2011

At Long Last...Chinchilla Vanilla!

The day has finally arrived. My Chinchilla Vanilla arrived.

Not a newly released color. It's actually discontinued. I fell in love with the color when I got a pedicure years ago. It has become my Holy Grail. Over the last few years, I have picked up a handful of white shimmers in hopes of finding an adequate substitute. No such luck.

Then, on a whim a few days ago, I Googled the name. Just to see what I could find. Behold. EBay. I bought two. And now I have them in my greedy little hands.

Because of my good fortune, you all get to see all the attempts at duplicating the real thing.
The Contenders, from left to right: NYC Nail Glosses - #205; Pure Ice - Platinum; Nina Ultra Pro - Pink Ice; China Glaze - Chinchilla Vanilla (the real deal!); and China Glaze - Rainbow
#205, Platinum, Pink Ice, Chinchilla Vanilla and Rainbow

#205, Platinum, Pink Ice, Chinchilla Vanilla and Rainbow
It's amazing how much the minute differences make when choosing your perfect shade of white.

#205 is actually a pretty good option, and an inexpensive buy. The brush is awesome, application and formula are decent. The flaws on my nail are due to some "help" from the cat and my own laziness. If I hadn't found my Holy Grail, this probably would have been my go-to white.

Platinum is a decent drugstore option, as well. Application is a bit tricky, though. It shows the brush strokes pretty easily, and no amount of topcoat will hide them. This one doesn't wear as long as the others, but is a cool color, nonetheless.

Pink Ice doesn't really have much, if any pink that I can see, and is just a bit too gold to play well with my skin. Formula and application are good, and I'll admit I haven't worn it enough to really critique that aspect. Pretty color, just not as good for me.

Chinchilla Vanilla (!!) got my eye because it's a deceptively boring color. On its own, it's a lovely neutral that applies well, doesn't show chips and lasts for several days. Brush strokes pretty much disappear with a top coat, and it's not too sheer...but not completely opaque either. It also looks great with nail art. My pedicures have included snowflakes in blue and silver and a lovely red and black orchid design.

Rainbow looked close in the bottle when I bought it, but upon application, it obviously looks way more pink than I anticipated. That said, it goes on and stays put like I expect of any China Glaze.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have new polish to play with...

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