Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bare Escentuals Buxom Fashion Show & Tell

Sugar, Katie, Mia, Alison, Sasha, Linda, Kesha

A recent Sephora haul included this fab set of lip gloss from Buxom/Bare Escentuals. Here's what Sephora has to say about them:

What it is:
A collection of seven ready-to-wear mini Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polishes.

What it does:
The haute-to-trot looks you can create with these polishes are straight off the fashion week runways. Infused with vitamins and antioxidants—you'll go wild for the cooling, tingling sensation. From vibrant magenta to sheer pinks and trendy neutrals, these backstage beauties are ready-to-wear. 

Sugar, Katie, Mia, Alison, Sasha, Linda, Kesha

Sugar, Katie, Mia, Alison, Sasha, Linda, Kesha

 I was a little concerned about a couple of the brighter colors when I first opened the box. My fair skin and super bright colors can walk a fine line between "bold" and "hooker." Luckily, most of the shades are pretty sheer and offer a great shine and sparkle.

Size Comparison

Sugar, Katie, Mia, Alison, Sasha, Linda, Kesha (Indoor Light)
Sugar, Katie, Mia, Alison, Sasha, Linda, Kesha (Indoor, Natural Light)
 Each swatch was a single swipe with the applicator on my arm. As you can see, Sugar, Mia and Kesha are the most pigmented of the bunch, but also the most wearable despite the bolder colors. The other colors are quite sheer. Linda is the only one that really changes the color of my lips. My lips are naturally pretty rosy, though, so if you can actually do a true "nude" lip, you may notice the differences in the lighter colors more.

As indicated in the promotional blurb, there is a cool tingly feeling on the lip. The idea is lip plumping. I'm not sure if your lips are actually fuller, but I tend to puff them out more than usual with the tingly glosses. Maybe that's how they really work...

Other notable things about the glosses include the size and price. You can see when shown next to a cotton swab, the tubes are sample sizes, which I kind of like. They're small enough you can put all of them in your purse. If you're rocking a tiny clutch, they won't add bulk or weird bumps. The set of seven glosses costs $15 from Sephora, which I think is reasonable. The applicator is also nice and easy to apply with, no mirror necessary. The gloss wears really well, too. Even after the glossy finish wears off, my lips feel nice and soft for hours. I can generally go 2-4 hours before reapplying, if I'm not concerned about maintaining the color.

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