Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gameday Nails - Week 8


I got a little distracted during week 6 and Nebraska had a bye week last week, but I'm back with the latest edition of my Gameday Nails series. Week 8 wasn't exactly an indimidating matchup. The Minnesota Golden Gophers are not exactly known as a football powerhouse. It was pretty safe to assume Nebraska would win this one, but the question was about how much of a fight Minnesota would put up.

The final score ended up 41-14, Nebraska. The 14 points came in the second half and Nebraska was rotating the 2nd and 3rd string into the lineup. Historically speaking, Minnesota still has an edge in the series, but the majority of the victories came pre-1960.

For the polished portion of the program, today's nails are an excuse to put my new goodies to use. I used 2 coats of Color Club's Red Velvet, then topped it with my new Wet'n'Wild Behind Closed Doors.

Behind Closed Doors, like Red Velvet, is a sheer black with red glitter, but the glitter is a little brighter red and it obviously contains larger pieces of glitter. It takes more coats to build up than Red Velvet, and I didn't want to overdo the large particles, so I used it mainly for layering this time. The brush was alright, though a little stiff compared to some. Also, if you have narrow nail beds, it may be tricky. The formula was pretty smooth, but drying time is a bit longer than I'm accustomed to. I used two layers of top coat, and it still wasn't 100% smooth, but I kind of expected that with the glitter.

I'm hoping you'll forgive the photography. I'm still waiting for the nail on my left hand to grow out, so these are painted and photographed with my left hand. It's harder than I thought it might be.

Next week's game is against Michigan State, who took down Wisconsin in a spectacular fashion tonight. Check ESPN. they'll be running that replay for weeks. Last second madness. I kinda don't want to play them next week. Eek.

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