Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nicole by OPI Something About Color (Fall 2011)

I Love You Cherry Much, It's Not Me It's Blue, Sounds Grape to Me, Green Up Your Act

I Love You Cherry Much, It's Not Me It's Blue, Sounds Grape to Me, Green Up Your Act

I Love You Cherry Much, It's Not Me It's Blue, Sounds Grape to Me, Green Up Your Act
During my little hiatus, I managed to do a little swatching, and one of the sets I got to was Nicole by OPI's fall collection. I've seen mixed reviews on other blogs. The name of the collection is Something About Color. Several other reviews have said this set doesn't look like a cohesive collection. I can't say I disagree with that thought. At the same time, the name of the collection can be interpreted pretty loosely. Each of the 4 colors fits a trend in fall fashion. Every collection I've seen has a murky or dusty green. Red is definitely hot. A smoky bluish or purple color fits with the trends. And what fall collection is complete without a burgundy or plum?

I Love You Cherry Much is not my usual red. I normally opt for a darker, creamy red, but this one is amazing. It glitters no matter what light it's in. It seems like a pretty universally flattering color, and it's fun and vibrant. It's right on par with the bright red fashion this fall. The formula is flawless. It'll cover in two coats, but I use three to hide my nail lines.

It's Not Me It's Blue is the same formula as I Love You Cherry Much, but in a lovely Periwinkle blue color and a little more sheer. I use three to four thin coats. There are flecks of silver in this one, it seems, and flashes of pink. The last picture is in dim lighting with the flash on my cell phone. In bright sunlight you see more of the blue.

Sounds Grape to Me is pretty much the same formula as the other two shimmers. Two coats was plenty for this one. I'm not normally drawn to shades of burgundy like this, but the best part of this one is that it is actually the color of grapes. Other bloggers said the name was weird considering it's not the usual purple color we refer to as "grape." I have long wondered why they always call bright violets and purples "grape." I have never seen a grape that color. Ever. I wore this polish while I was at the grocery store. I compared it to an actual red grape. It was the right color. Nicole by OPI wins the prize for the first brand of anything to make something the color of a real grape. Yes, these are the things I think about.

Green Up Your Act is the only creme of the bunch. while it looks a tiny bit out of place with the shimmers in this set, but the color is really pretty. Greens like this can be tricky on my skin, but Nicole managed to make one I can wear. It's less yellow than the greens we saw from Zoya and China Glaze. I think I'm going to have to do a continuation of my comparison post with Dree and Westside Warrior, adding in the greens from Nicole by OPI, Essie and Wet'n'Wild...and anything else I find between now and then.

All in all, I'm happy with this collection. It's affordable, easily accessible and fits the trends for the season. I got this set at Target, and I'm sure it's available online, as well. Target sells each bottle for $7-8.

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