Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brand New Bag: Essie Fall 2011 Collection

I ran across part of Essie's Brand New Bag collection at CVS the other day, and couldn't resist picking up a couple bottles.

I bought Lady Like and Power Clutch.
Case Study was also on the shelf, along with Carry On, but Case Study looked terrible with my skin, and I was wearing Anja from Zoya's Smoke collection, and it was very similar to Carry On. I'll probably grab that one when I'm not wearing a similar color. I have no willpower.

Surprisingly, I don't have anything resembling Lady Like, which surprises me, since I love pinks. This one has a bit more mauve to it, kind of a dusty rose. Its a lovely creme finish, and will keep me pretty in pink...but in a grown-up way. Two coats was all I needed for full coverage, and top coat wasn't necessary for shine. I just use it to protect the finish.

From the pictures I'd seen, I expected a little more blue from Power Clutch, but the fact that it's more of an army gray/green doesn't make me like it less. Colors like this are usually hard for me to wear, but this one works surprisingly well with my cool skin tone. Formula on this one is the same as Lady Like.

Overall, I'm really happy with these two. I like the sophistication in these fall collections. These colors actually seem like they could be worked into Zoya's Smoke collection. My eyes are peeled for Very Structured and Glamor Purse to see how they compare.

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