Monday, July 11, 2011

Fall 2011...So Much Pretty...

As a new beauty blogger and nail polish junkie, I feel it's my duty to preview the fall collections I'm starting to see. I will preface this by saying I do not own any of this polish (yet) and have not had the opportunity to view these in person. All I'm giving today are my thoughts and excitement level (and pictures).

First up: OPI Touring America
Top Row (Left to  Right): Uh Oh Roll Down the Window, Honk If You Love OPI, A-Taupe the Space Needle, French Quarter for Your Thoughts, Get in the Espresso Lane, Road House Blues
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Suzi Takes the Wheel, I Brake for Manicures, Are We There Yet?, Color to Dine For, I Eat Mainly Lobster, My Address is Hollywood

I really don't want to judge harshly, but I don't feel like there's a color here I don't already own. Maybe in person these colors have some unique qualities, but if that's the case, OPI needs to work on their photography. I've always had mixed feelings about OPI. I never look at an OPI display and feel like a kid in a candy store, and this collections is a perfect example of why. They may have the greatest formulas in the world, but how are we ever going to know that if they can't entice us to buy the product?

Next, we have China Glaze's Metro Collection
Uptown Collection (Left to Right): CG in the City, Urban Night, Traffic Jam, City Siren, Brownstone, Street Chic
Downtown Collection (Left to Right): Skyscraper, Concrete Catwalk, Westside Warrior, Trendsetter, Loft-y Ambitions, Midtown Magic
I like pretty every color in this collection. The pinks, purples and reds aren't dramatically different from anyting I already own, but that doesn't mean I don't want them. I think the only color I wouldn't wear is Trendsetter, and not because I don't like it. Bright yellow and my skin are not the greatest combination in the world. CG in the City and Concrete Catwalk are the most intriguing to me so far.

Moving along, we have Color Club's Back to Boho.
I am really digging this collection. Combined, you get the Boho-chic aesthetic, but individually, the colors don't scream "I spend all my days watching 'That 70's Show' and smoking weed." Voodoo You Do, Blue-topia and Rad Nomad are my favorites based on these pictures. I also loves that this collection has a wide range of colors. They're not all bold or dark or pale or anything but pretty.

Essie's Brand New Bag Collection is next. I've seen two sets of pictures, neither of them from Essie's website, so I'm not sure which is more accurate. I'm posting both sets. 

Top Row (Left to Right): Case Study, Carry On, Glamour Purse
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Very Structured, Lady Like, Power Clutch

I haven't decided if I like the dark or light version better. Either way, I know Carry On and Power Clutch look awesome. Lady Like looks like it would be lovely on me, too. Knowing Essie, the formula is great no matter what.

**Update 7/28/11: Neither picture is 100% accurate, but the darker picture of the Brand New Bag collection is closer to the real thing, based on the bottles I found at CVS.**

This brings me to the grand finale: Zoya's Smoke & Mirrors Collection.

Top Row (Left to Right): Jana, Petra, Dree, Cynthia, Codie, Anja
Bottom Row (Left to Right): Jem, Neeka, Yara, Tao, Marina, Numue
I could sum these up in 7 words: I WANT THEM. I WANT THEM ALL. Now that I have that little outburst out of my system, I love, love, LOVE these colors. Like Color Club, Zoya is bringing us a range of lights and darks, not one of them could pass for something already in my collection and they work as a great transition from summer's brights to the traditionally muted colors of fall. I keep trying to pick a favorite, but I change my mind as soon as I look at the pictures again. Perhaps if Zoya sent me the set to try on, I may be able to make a decision...

All in all, I am loving what's in store for fall. If you think of something I missed, or you want to sent me stuff to post about, just let me know.

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