Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zoya Cynthia (Fall 2011 Smoke Collection)

 If you saw my original review of Zoya's Fall 2011 Smoke collection, I promised better pictures as I wore each polish. I finally had a chance to get some shots that actually show how gorgeous Cynthia really is.
Direct Sunlight
Indoor Natural Light
Indoor With Flash
The thing I love the most about this Cynthia is that she's a creme, which is lovely and a little easier to wear to work without looking overdone, BUT there is just a tiny hint of shimmer. I really didn't see it until the sunlight photo. The shimmer isn't really noticeable, but creates a little extra shine. In low lighting, she comes across as almost black, but not quite. You have to get into the light to really see the blackened teal color come out. So pretty. She's opaque in two coats, super easy to apply and the brush is great. I haven't cleaned up my cuticles at all or photoshopped the pictures.

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