Friday, September 2, 2011

Gameday Nails - Week 1

University of Nebraska Memorial Stadium (Yes, it's normal to see that much red.)
 If you haven't noticed, I like football. I like it a lot. I was born and raised in Nebraska. We love football. If you're not from Nebraska, chances are, you think we're insane. The whole state.
We are not all THIS insane. Not quite.

Now that I have a brand new blog and a brand new season is upon us, I'm making it my mission to have some awesome red nails every weekend in honor of my beloved Cornhuskers. For the season opener, I used my new franken, still unnamed, and Color Club's Smash Hit crackle polish. I also added hints of Nicole's Nickels from Nicole by OPI for a hint of sparkle.

Like the previous shots of my franken, these were taken with my phone (HTC Thunderbolt), since my Nikon refuses to recognize the color as red and not a strange blurry mauvey pink.I added one that was slightly out of focus to show the sparkle. The top coat/glitter combo really made this manicure look awesome and edgy. You'll also notice that I didn't paint the entire nail with Nicole's Nickels. I literally made a little swipe on each nail in various patches. I love the whole effect.

I did wonder what would happen if I added some white, so I tried it on the other hand.
I didn't clean this up at all, and I didn't like it as much. In hindsight, I probably should have used gray or at least less white. I ended up removing it and matching the other hand. We may try this look later. I call do-over.

I'm seriously excited to see how many red/black/white/gray combinations I can come up with. There are 12 games. 14, if all goes well. Hmmm....

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