Thursday, September 8, 2011

LORAC Little Black Palette

A recent Sephora shopping spree left me with this luxurious little eyeshadow palette. I really liked the baked eyeshadow in the Real Life to Red Carpet Natural to Dramatic Face Tutorial set (You'll see a full review once I give all of the products a full day's wear for a fair review. In the meantime, Scrangie has a great review. I just need to photograph the products...), so I decided to get more.
To start, the packaging is fantastic. The boxes are nice and glossy and would definitely draw me in if I saw it on a shelf. The actual palette is patent leather on the outside with the gold LORAC label. The inside is gold and shimmery with a nice-sized mirror, which would make this great for travel or changing from night to day.
The set is a great value. Sephora sells it for $33. The Behind the Scenes Eye Primer alone retails at $20, and is well worth the price. I have big eyes, which means my eyelids crease...and my eyeshadow follows suit. This primer has really helped to get a grip on the shadow, so creasing has been minimal. The shadow is still on my lids after a 12-15 hour day, and the creasing is minimal if at all.
Despite being called the "Little Black Palette," there isn't actually a black shadow. I understand the logic was intended to mean that this would be the go-to palette for any occasion, not that there was an actual black shadow. I just take things too literally.
As far as the colors are concerned, I wasn't able to find official names for any of these colors, but there's an almost white gold or champagne, a kind of peachy bronze, a true bronze and a dark chocolate brown.All of these colors are packed with a gold shimmer, so if you're afraid of sparkle, this is not the set for you.
Indoor, Natural Light
Outdoor, Direct Sunlight
The pigment on these shadows is awesome. The swatches are applied dry using my fingers, no primer. My skin is WAY to fair to even attempt these shadows wet, but it can be done if these aren't vivid enough for you.

The only negative thing you could say about this palette is that the colors aren't incredibly original. That said, the intent of this palette is to be used as your essentials. If you're a makeup fiend, you probably don't NEED these colors, but if you buy them, you won't be disappointed.

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