Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pet Peeve: Tacky Bra Straps

Carrie Bradshaw, look what you've done.
Six seasons and two blockbuster moves full of your fabulous fashion, and the one look every girl in the world has chosen to emulate is your signature exposed bra.

Ladies, here's what many of you seem to forget: Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character and her signature look is created by a team of stylists who carefully craft every detail of the outfit. Every hair, eyeliner smudge and bra strap is carefully placed.

Us normal girls, we don't have that luxury. We pick out our own clothes and most of us don't have time to watch every tiny detail, and don't necessarily care to worry about it. And most of the time, that's fine.

I have zero issue with running around town in a tank top and jeans, or an off the shoulder top with capris. For my regular trip to Target, I generally don't get too concerned about the bra straps peeking from under a tank top. Even for a casual night out, I'll wear a cute top, and if my straps may show, I'll coordinate the bra to look like it belongs with the top.

There are a few rules for exposed straps:
  • Make sure the straps are part of the outfit. Coordinate the color with your top or shoes or jewelry or something. You can layer several bright tanks to camouflage the fact that it's a bra strap showing, or make sure your straps are the same style as your top (spaghetti straps with a regular bra, a halter bra with a halter top, racerback with a racerback tank).
  • If others can see your bra, make sure it's worth looking at. Quite possibly the grossest thing I've seen recently was an adorable white strapless babydoll-style top with--get this--a gross sports bra that was probably white at one point, but is now a gross shade of dishwater gray. The bra had frayed edges and a split in one seam, which I know because you could see it through the white top. Bottom line, there are a ton of pretty bras in this world, in all styles and colors. If you're giving away Victoria's little Secret, make it one of the good ones.
  • Dress for the occasion. Carrie B. may have the ability to rock a sexy black brassiere with her slinky backless dress, but most of us can't pull it off without looking like a hussy. Even Carrie walked a fine lines, but she was on a show called Sex & the City.
  •  If you're buying a strapless dress, get a strapless bra. Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood, Lilly of France and tons of other companies make bras that are convertible for  use with more "complicated" tops. There is a bra for nearly every neckline AND backless dresses. Not only that, but companies are now making clips, extenders, fasteners and gadgets of all kinds to make your existing bra work with more interesting necklines. There is no reason to expose the bra unless you're doing it intentionally. 
  • If you insist on adding a strap to a one-shoulder or strapless dress, there are companies like Exposed Envy and even Victoria's Secret who make pretty bra straps you can buy to coordinate with your fancy attire. Pretty rhinestone or flower straps are better than a solid satin strap, and can be treated as an accessory if worn properly.
Websites to check out for great bras & straps:

**I am not being paid to endorse any of these products, nor have I been sent any products to review. These are just sites I have found to have products relevant to this blog post.

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