Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Color Comparison: Essie Lady Like vs. Zoya Pandora & Zoya Jana

I know when you see color comparisons, the writer is usually comparing two or more shades that are nearly identical. I have a couple of those coming soon, but today I wanted to compare a couple of Fall colors. As a consumer, I don't like to spend money on something I already have...but if there are noticeable differences, I will always want both.

I noticed in the last couple of months we've been seeing more muted colors that walked that gray/pink/beige/purple color line. Looking through my collection, I found a few shades that were similar, but not exact duplicates.
Zoya Jana, Essie Lady Like, Zoya Pandora
The differences between these lovely ladies are noticeable while in the bottle, but they're similar enough that I may take a moment to decide if I need both Zoya polishes, or if I could get the Essie bottle as an in-between polish.
Pandora, Lady Like, Jana, Lady Like
It's amazing how a polish can dry so much darker than in the bottle. In the bottle shot, Jana is noticeably darker, but it's not dramatic. Once it dries, though, it is so much darker than the other two.

Pandora, Lady Like, Jana, Lady Like
Lady Like is obviously more pink than Pandora, and Pandora brings a hint of shimmer to the picture, but depending on your skin tone, you could possibly use Lady Like for a nude or Pandora as a light pink/beige color.

Verdict: Definitely no substitute for Jana. Lady Like and Pandora are both absolutely necessary for this addict, but if you only had $8 to spend, you could probably pick one or the other.

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