Monday, August 8, 2011

Hard as Hoof

Weak thin fragile nails?
Get a moisture-rich formulation of vitamins, minerals, and emolients to restore the natural moisture balance to dry, thin nails. Soft and fragile nails will quickly grow to new lengths.
Directions: Massage into nail bed, cuticles, and underside of nails three times per day or as often as necessary. May be used over nail polish.

I waited tables for nearly 5 years during high school and college, and during that time, my hands spent 40+ hours per week being dipped in buckets of bleach water and vinegar, among other chemicals. My mom handed me a container of Hard as Hoof, and within weeks, my nails were stronger than they'd ever been and had stopped splitting and peeling almost entirely.

I've never did apply three times a day, but Hard as Hoof became a fixture on my night stand and gets used anytime I notice my nails getting weak or thin and helps them to bounce back within a day or two.

If you have nails that are naturally weak or spend a lot of time doing dishes, cooking, cleaning, or anything that will leave them damaged, this product is worth a try. I also use Hard as Hoof on my toenails, which sustain some abuse in the summer months with my running around barefoot. It keeps the cuticles soft and keeps my nails nice and strong. It also smells nice (cherry almond scented) and lasts forever. The container you see out of the packaging is easily 3-4 years old. With more regular use, it may go faster, but my current office job leaves me with more chances to moisturize.

I've heard people say this product also helps their nails grow faster. Mom swears this is the case, but the company makes no claims on the packaging. My nails grow pretty quickly, so it's hard to tell for me.

I've only been able to find Hard as Hoof at Wal Mart and online, but there may be others. Wal Mart charges about $5 for the 1 oz. container.

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