Monday, August 29, 2011

Fashion Addict...Yeah That Would Be Me

Guess who got drafted into a college football pick 'em, too? I'm seriously hoping all this football doesn't interfere too badly with my blogging. Now I understand why my friends have so much free time in the fall. Their husbands are all busy researching which defensive back has the most point potential this week. I digress.

My uber-pretty Color Club order resulted in another lovely purple shiny polish of sorts. I've been rocking Fashion Addict, which seems appropriate, given the disproportionate amount of my income that gets spent on fashion magazines, clothing and cosmetics.

With Flash
Fashion Addict is a lovely shade of lavender with holographic glitter. So shiny. Application was super easy. Two coats was all that was needed. Formula was really smooth. The glitter is so tiny you'd think it was a shimmer from a distance, but the holo is noticeable unless you're literally under a rock with no sunlight. It's not an in-your-face type of holo, though. I like this color because it's not super loud. It's very wearable. The lavender base would look good on most anyone, too.

As I was taking shots of my nails, I noticed Rando (I'm a cat lady, new readers.) tearing around the living room attacking the large pieces of tissue paper Sephora uses to pack their boxes. I got a few shots of him, too. So photogenic.
Recipe for entertainment: Rando, tissue paper, ribbon and Snoopy.
I'm pretty sure The Amazing Rando successfully stalked, hunted and killed the paper.

I also decided (as in could not wait) to play with the fractured polish I got in the order. Smash Hit, I am convinced, has the ability to make most any polish look a little badass. This pretty sparkly lavender got a little edge with the fractured top coat.

With Flash
The fractured look worked really easily. I'd read mixed reviews on the ease of use for crackle polishes, and Color Club had some of the best I'd seen. I love black anything, so I figured this would be a good place to start. The polish applied very easily and cracked within minutes. I had finished the second hand and the first was ready for a top coat. I didn't have any real issue with flaking, like I'd seen in other reviews, but I think a top coat is a must with this type of formula, or you may experience some flaking. I also discovered that it helps to apply a thick coat if you want larger spots in the crackle layer, thinner coats for smaller pieces. I usually make my first stroke down the center of the nail when applying polish, but the crackle seems to work better if you go from one side to another. You also need to paint fast, as these dry quickly. I loved the glossy look you see in my pictures, but I think a matte top coat could be quite awesome, too.

I have a feeling I will be getting some more of this fractured polish...

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