Monday, August 15, 2011

Clairol Nice'N'Easy Foam

Nice'N'Easy Foam in Medium Brown

Some of you may have seen my tweet the other day. I dyed my hair and I wasn't exceptionally impressed with the product. I waited a couple of days to write my review to make sure annoyance didn't taint the opinion.

I got a coupon from Target for the Nice'N'Easy Foam hair color after I tried the John Freida product, and I decided to give it a try, since my gray roots were starting to show up. $4 off an $8-$10 kit? Yes, please.

Here's what Clairol advertises:
Think coloring is a chore? Not anymore!
Simply foam in permanent, dimensional
hair color with NEW Nice 'n Easy Color
Blend Foam. You'll get tones and highlights
with 100% gray coverage—drip-free!

The website shows 18 shades, and instructional videos for use.

The Good: My hair is shiny. I was getting my hair trimmed the other day and the first thing the stylist said was how much she loved the color. My hair is feeling softer than pre-dye, and the conditioner that came with the color kit was nice and rich and smelled pretty nice. The color was easy to mix and wasn't runny at all.
Hair (+ Me)

The Bad: The smell. Oh, the smell. I think they tried to add fragrance to tone down that hair dye it smelled a bit like scented hair dye. Took awhile to get the smell out of my bathroom. Also, the Nice'N'Easy refers to the application to your hair...not the cleanup. This color sticks. To everything. Your scalp, your hands, the counter, the sink, the tub, the shower, any hair clips you come in contact with, your hands. I had to massage my scalp with shampoo for about five minutes the next day to get it off my scalp. The gloves in the package were the cheap plastic kind that don't fit anyone's hands, so being neat is a little troublesome. The color was a bit darker than I anticipated, and while the foam wasn't exactly runny, when I squeezed the foam out of the little container, it almost looked streaky, and you could see some separation in the bottle.

Overall, the product wasn't bad. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad. I was most frustrated with the cleanup. I still haven't figured out how to get the drips off the counter and sink. My skin broke out a little in the places I had to scrub the dye off my skin, and I did apply lotion around the hairline to prevent staining on my face. I just felt like the $8-$10 dye should outperform the $4 dyes I've used in the past. I am also really grateful the cat didn't get dripped on while he was under foot, or I'd have to contend with a brown spotted kitty.

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