Friday, August 26, 2011

Color Club Alter Ego

Ever have one of those weeks that just sucks the life right out of you? Yeah, I'm having one of those. Not necessarily a BAD week, just busy and slightly stressful. I also work in technical support, and this week I've been seeing the dumber/ruder/unreasonabler side of people more than usual. It's bad enough I'm making up words like "unreasonabler."

To make life more enjoyable, I'm focusing on my nails, since I got a nice little stash of Color Club nail polish. Today, you all get a glimpse of Alter Ego.
Indoor, natural light

Outdoor, direct sunlight
Alter Ego is true to her name. Indoor light makes her look shimmery, and kind of a smoky purple-toned gray. It's pretty and works well in a professional environment. Very classy. Very chic.

Once you take her into the sunlight, though, and it's like having a shiny disco party on your fingers. Multi-colored glitter gleams and sparkles.

Direct sunlight
Direct sunlight, blurred to show the sparkle.
Sadly, the camera doesn't do the polish justice. It's uh-mazing. The formula is solid. It's a little sheer, but goes on smoothly. I used three coats. It was pretty opaque in two coats, but the color matches the bottle after number three. I'm wearing a top coat as well, which really isn't necessary, but prevents the shimmer from dulling as quickly. All in all, a fabulous purchase.

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