Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunshine: Zoya Summer 2011 Collection

Reva, Kimmy, Apple, Tanzy, Rica, Faye
It dawned on me that I have posted every fall color in my collection, and I've been so excited about wearing them that I've forgotten all about the summer colors I got! I got around to photographing the Sunshine Collection from Zoya, and I have come to the conclusion that photos just don't do these justice.
This is Reva in outdoor light. I have a whole lot of pinks in my collection, and I didn't think this would be the most interesting color, but boy was I wrong. Reva is a great fuchsia color with little pieces of gold glitter incorporated. In low light, the color is great, but when you get it in the sunlight, it just glitters and shines. So pretty.
Kimmy was another surprise for me. The red is beautiful and the gold glitter takes it to the next level. I have a hard time wearing red in the summer because it always seems a little wintry or dull, but Kimmy is bright and sunny without losing the sass one expects from red.
True to the name, Apple is the color of a bright Granny Smith apple with the same bits of gold that ties this collection together. I was really stoked for this one, as I was trying to break out of a pink rut when I got this set. Apple didn't disappoint. It's a great summery green that's not the usual shamrock or grass green, or forest green or even a mermaid green, sea green or melon. I love the uniqueness and the glittery finish.
Tanzy was another one that came with baited breath, and she didn't let me down. It's a little lighter orange than I typically wear, but still manages to work well with my skin, and I would be it looks good on a lot of skin tones. The gold flecks combined with this lovely orange made me think sunshine the first time it saw it.
You saw Rica in another post, and is probably my least favorite of the collection.She's a pretty cross between pink and coral with the gold glitter mixed in, and I think part of the reason I'm not super excited about this color is that it falls in between my favorite qualities in a polish: barely there color and shimmer or bright and bold. Even with three coats, the coral just doesn't jump off my skin, but it's too bright for a sheer, complexion flattering shimmer. That said, if you look awesome in coral, buy this polish. If I had a tan, this would flatter like no one's business.
Faye - Natural light at sunset

Faye - Natural light indoors
And for the grand finale...Faye! This is possibly my favorite of the collection. In sunlight, she's a light, summery purple with a hint of gold. In low lighting, she's a gorgeous gold with a hint of purple. No matter what light she's in, she's awesome and very shiny. I can't think of a skin tone she wouldn't flatter.

Like most Zoya polishes I've tried, the Sunshine collection applies like a dream. The photos above are all 2 coats with no top coat. I usually wear them with a top coat, but the camera finds the sparkle better without. If you haven't picked this set up yet, I highly recommend Sunshine to finish off your summer.

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