Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Franken

If you haven't checked out my Facebook page (shame on you), I have created my very first Franken.
It seems like every time I buy a red polish, I'm disappointed. It's either too dark or too pink or something. So, I made myself a red in honor of my beloved Cornhuskers.

This one is a mix of an old Sally Hanson top coat, Rimmel Rapid Ruby, Sally Hanson Honeymoon Red, China Glaze Long Kiss, and OPI An Affair in Red Square. I have some awesomeness planned for this weekend, just in time for kickoff. Can't wait. So much football. :)

 Please excuse if the pictures aren't up to par. My Nikon insists that all reds and hot pinks are the same color, so these were taken with my phone. Yay, Thunderbolt!

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