Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ibiza...In A Skyscraper + Accent Nail!

What I should have titled this post is "How to save a manicure," but that's all boring and stuff. I ended up redoing my nails the other night after some heavy duty cleaning, using only Ibiza this time to match my toes. I was doing fine, but I had some issues and my middle finger experienced some "chippage." No, it wasn't from being used too much. :)

Luckily, the accent nail is a trend right now.
Ibiza/Skyscraper with Thistle/CG in the City
Blurred to capture the sparkle.
I wanted to use a silver for the accent finger and continue the Ombre with Skyscraper, but I realized I really don't have a silver that can hang with Ibiza. I ended up using China Glaze's Thistle with CG in the City as the glitter for the Ombre. Thistle is a little more "frosty" than I was hoping for, but it looks good with CG in the City.

Thanks to the accent nail, I won't have to redo my nails for a few days...unless I feel like it.

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