Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smashbox Studio Stash Fall 2011: The Eyeshadow

Sorry for a lack of posts this last week or so. It has been a little on the busy side here, and I have to remind myself that sleeping takes precedence over blogging sometimes...

Today, I'm looking at part of the Smashbox Studio Stash kit I posted about previously, namely the eyeshadow. The Studio Stash comes with a pallette of four shadows. I haven't found official names for them, but we have a buttercream matte shade, a taupe with a slight shimmer, a dusty dark plum matte and a black shimmer with a slight shimmer.
Pallette with cotton swab for scale.

Taken in sunlight.
The pigmentation in the shadow is good. The texture is a little dry, and the matte shades give a little fallout and are slightly chalky. They tend to fade a little throughout the day without primer, but last pretty well with. My order actually came with a sample of the Photo Finish primer, which seems to work pretty well. Less creasing, longer wear. I also found the color is more vibrant when used with a little water, and could be used as a liner.
Swatched on the unfreckled portion of my arm - sunlight.

Indoor lighting.

I really like the packaging on the whole set. The palette is nice and compact, making it nice and easy to toss in your purse. The one thing that's missing is a brush in the compact. You would have to carry an applicator of some kind or use your fingers if you kept this in the purse.

Overall, I'm really happy with the purchase, and this set makes a great daytime look, and can easily be transitioned to night. The colors would be flattering on most anyone. The whole set was $59 from the Smashbox website.

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