Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day! (A Week Later...)

 I finally got around to shooting my Valentine's Day Nails. These babies lasted me almost the whole week. Honestly, I'd still be wearing them if I hadn't gotten bored and wanted to try new goodies.

For the nails, I used two coats of Nubar Fire Sparkle for glitz and opacity, then I added a layer of China Glaze Love, Marilyn for some whimsy. The result was very sparkly and lots of fun.
Also, as you may recall from past posts, my camera hates all things red and pink, so photographing these was a nightmare. I added the last two shots to show how sparkly the nails were, even though they're horribly out of focus.

For anyone who wants to know how I celebrated, the boy sent me these pretty flowers while I was home all day:

I put on a little black dress and he took me to a nice, swanky restaurant for dinner. Chocolate was had, and it was delicious.

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