Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zoya - Bibhu Mohapatra Color Box from NY Fashion Week

 If you read regularly or follow me on twitter (@MWGirlieGirl), you MAY have seen my approximately 6,000 tweets about how jazzed I was to get my hands on Zoya's New York Fashion Week color boxes. I may not be able to afford the clothes, I can afford the nails. I posted pictures of the Peter Som color box here and here. Today, we'll be checking out the collection for Bibhu Mohapatra.

I have to admit, the color palette didn't thrill me initially. Red creme, a shimmery nude and a light shimmery gray. Not very unique, right? About that...
 Parveen is a sheer shimmery nude. It offers more coverage than the gel-like colors from the Peter Som box, but seems to have a similar quality. I honestly didn't think this one would look very good on me, but the pictures make it look warmer than it is on the nail. The subtle shimmer stops it from being just like every nude out there. It's a very sparkly shimmer. I like it.
 Zeenat is a shimmery pale pewter. This is by far my favorite color of all the NY Fashion Week collections. The color is so delicate and the shimmer is absolutely beautiful. I pray Zoya brings this one back as a permanent add, or I'm going to have to ration this one very carefully. It takes a few coats to build up, and I didn't take the time to completely cover the nail line. I don't mind it, but it would probably take five coats to cover. The pictures are three coats. 
 Rehka was described by many Twitterers as the most beautiful red they've ever seen. I can't say I can really argue that. It's a red cream with perfect application and is easily opaque in two coats. I compared it to every red in my collection and couldn't find an exact match. My camera can't seem to figure reds and pinks out very well. It's a little darker than the pictures show. If you've seen Sooki, think a shade darker and a hair more blue-toned. I think this one could be universally flattering, and it actually has a cool story to go with it. Here is some information from about how this color collection came to be:
 And a few shots of the box and the limited edition booklets.
Zeenat, Parveen and Rehka
 This picture probably shows the colors the most accurately, Rehka for sure.

The Bibhu Mohapatra collection also came with a free bottle of Zoya's Sparkle Gloss Topcoat. I actually have another post on the way especially for that beauty.

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