Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zoya Evvie & Katharine (Peter Som Color Box, Continued)

Now that the giddy has worn off a bit, I've got a little more detail for you on my Peter Som Color Box from Zoya's New York Fashion Week sets. To start, a screen shot from the website with a little more about the box:
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If you missed the last post, here is a picture of the bottles in their pretty velvety box.
Evvie, Audrey and Katharine
 I posted pictures of Audrey a few days ago (see here), but I hadn't had a chance to swatch the other two.
 Evvie is a very pretty green. I know it was the fall/winter 2012 show, but the color is a good transition to spring. Dark enough not to look premature in February, but light enough I'll be able to wear it in April. I'm really excited to have a green that actually flatters me. Usually, they take a bit more of an olive tone, but this eucalyptus is a little cleaner and brighter, which works well on me. Application was a dream, as usual with Zoya cream polishes. I'm wearing it on my toes, so I'll let you know how it holds up.
 Katharine is a really interesting color. My initial impression was that it looked just like Anja from Smoke and Mirrors, until I looked a little closer. It's a jelly. Not even a normal semi-opaque jelly. It's even more sheer. It took me 4 coats to get the bottle color. You can see the bubbles. Application was interesting. This was my first attempt, I didn't practice at all before taking pictures.

Katharine is really sheer like Audrey, but unlike her lighter sister, Katharine is dark enough to show brushstrokes if you're not careful. I found the best way to get a somewhat even-looking coat was to fan the brush on the edge of the bottle so it would cover as much space as possible and to use thick coats with light strokes. Make sure that each coat is dry before you start the next to avoid some of the dragging and bubbling. Even at 4 coats, you can still see a little streaking under lights, but frankly, no one looks THAT close at my hands. Except my boyfriend who felt the urge to make grape Kool Aid when he saw the color. I probably would have thought black cherry, myself, but to each his own.
The first shot shows the sheerness and the glossy look. The second gives a pretty accurate color representation when you're not squinting up close.

Overall, I'm really glad I bought the color box. These colors are really unique, and I pray Zoya makes more of these super sheer colors. I can see a cobalt blue or a bright orange being really awesome.

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