Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zoya Audrey - Peter Som Color Box

 I have been DYING to post these! I got myself both of the limited edition color boxes from Zoya during New York Fashion Week. I've only worn one so far, but I may be in love, and I'm super anxious to wear the rest. Today, I've got pictures of the Peter Som box, and pictures of Audrey on my nails.
Evvie, Audrey and Katherine
 For anyone who hasn't gotten a color box yet, the packaging is really classy. These would make excellent gifts. I was too anxious to check out the goods to photograph the unwrapping, but they come wrapped in Zoya printed tissue paper. There's a nice, glossy black box which contains the velvety box shown here. The inside has a nice foam holder keeping your pretty polishes in place.
 There's a booklet with information about the designer's colors inside.
 These are shots of Audrey on me. No streaking, which is unbelievable for a sheer pink. This would be an awesome french manicure color. My boyfriend saw my hands and said they look great without polish. Not quite, but close, honey. :)

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