Tuesday, February 14, 2012

(Re)Viva La Manicure!

 Ever get bored with wearing the same manicure before the polish starts chipping? If you're anything like me, you have a whole lot of polish that needs to be worn, and waiting more than two to three days to wear new polish is a special form of torture. Luckily for those of us who like to switch it up, an array of fantastic new topcoats have hit the streets and are a great way to change up your mani.
 Among the oodles of new polish I've gotten recently was Sparitual Deep. It's a gorgeous purple-toned gray with an amazing pink shimmer. The shimmer hides on the nail, but the right lighting brings it out. It's a really pretty, glossy finish.
 The bottle shot shows the shimmer better. So pretty.
 Then this happens. A chip. Tipwear, too, but the chip bugs me most.
 Not to fear. Nail polish remover + cotton swab = smooth edges.
 Two coats of polish an its barely noticeable. If you're stopping here, add a top coat and you're done.
 I've had something of a busy week and the idea of removing and repainting was a little daunting. I used a coat of Deborah Lippman Lady Sings the Blues over Deep to change the color up. Lady has a sheer jelly base, so she would normally require 2-3 coats, but by applying over Deep, I got a nice solid blue base in one coat and disguised some of the tip wear. Top coat and you're done.
After a couple of days, I got the urge for more glitter. I get that urge sometimes. And the only cure is more cowbell...er...glitter. Enter China Glaze Techno. Holographic glitter. Big pieces and tiny pieces. Very sparkly. More top coat and two more days without having to remove clean and polish. This little trick is a great time saver for us busy girls, and layering is a fun way to create new looks with your nails. This carried me all the way to Valentine's Day. Stay tuned for that one...

What tricks do you ladies have for extending the life of your manicures?

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